Usually, when I write, I’m feelin’ pretty positive about things. That’s why I love working for I can spread a positive light on almost any subject, and I’m pretty content in doing so. However, this weekend, I was extremely disappointed in a show that I’ve been waiting on for months. Now, let me clarify right here, up front, that this has NOTHING to do with Devin the Dude’s performance. He was awesome, and I’d go watch him again any time… just maybe not in the same situation.

Before my husband and I walked through the door of the venue (Shotski’s), we stopped to have a smoke. For a moment, he thought that he had lost our $20 a-piece tickets. I found them next to where we were sitting, but honestly, I kind of wish someone had seen and snagged them. We would have had a better night.

We could hear from outside. The sound was horrible. None of the faders were in the right spot, the sound man didn’t seem to have a clue how to run the system, and even when my husband tried to give him a couple pointers (because he is a sound man, himself), the guy just told him “that’s not how it works” and that “the beats are all different”. Well, buddy, that’s why you’re being paid to be there at that board. To manage the sound between each and every song. To mix. Live. It’s pretty simple. “Sound Man- Man the Sound”.

Now, for the performers. Holy shit. That was excruciating. Other than IEarn Fist & Pele Won (Pi) and our headliner, Devin the Dude, it was the worst show I’ve ever been to, hands down. The “performers” were just a bunch of kids acting like they were “ballers”. I can just predict that at least four of them had to ask someone for a ride, and I probably wouldn’t be too far off.

My biggest pet-peeve while listening to live music (besides the annoying crowd of cell phones), is vocals on a track. I’m pretty sure that every person besides the two dope acts  previously mentioned had not just backup vocals, but entire verses going on behind them. I was shaking my head and taking more cigarette breaks than any other show I’ve had to witness. It didn’t help the sound man’s situation any better either. He looked like he was paddling up the wrong way on a white-water rafting trip. He clearly had no idea how to handle it.

During the entire sets of IEarn Fist & Devin, we were really pissed. We paid $40 for the both of us to get in. We went to support our good friends, and see someone we’ve always admired. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even hear them properly thanks to the incompetent sound man. It wasn’t just me and my husband who were irritated. In one of my video recordings, you can hear Devin at 4:40 asking the sound man to “turn down the monitors please” so that he “didn’t have to deal with that all night” and imitated the sound coming from the speakers. There was so much feedback…like I said…excruciating. Anyone who wasn’t drunk as hell had to have noticed.

Now, for the last vent…

Salem Oregon surely just disappointed Devin the Dude. My problem with that, is that the majority of the performers, the promoter (who thinks he’s a performer) and possibly the sound man, were all from Albany, Oregon. These guys came over here and made us look and sound like shit. I can almost guarantee you, he’s probably never going to come back through here. I’m not even sure why they all came up here to do the damn show. I wish that they would have kept it in Albany, so at least people would say “Oh, that sucked..I’m never going to a hip-hop show there again” and it wouldn’t have an impact on our REAL local artists who each have more talent in their little toe than the whole crew that showed up here from elsewhere. They should have hired a local sound man (ahem, perhaps my husband) and chosen artists from Salem that are worth paying $20 a ticket for. It was bad on Salem. It was bad for the venue’s reputation, and it was bad for the fans of live music. The best part of the night, was leaving.

If you are not ready to perform on stage without your recorded vocals, stay off of it.

If you are not ready to run a sound board, stay off of it.

If you insist on putting a show together where your performers suck at performing, and you want to hire a sound man that doesn’t know what to do. Throw that show in your own town and see how many people actually pay (and continue to pay) for those $20 tickets.

Venting Complete.

You may now watch the video so that you know I’m not just some crazy bitch complaining about something I don’t know about. 😉




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